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Confidence and independence

Strong interest in reading

Play-based learning

Establish English foundation

Professional, attentive and responsible NET teachers

Our goals are to make your children fall in love with reading and show you the fun of co-reading with them.

What our Happy Parents Say

  • Kiddo Zone provides a very good environment to learn without any pressure. My son improved a lot in his listening, oral and his social skill. Also the teachers here are very patient and caring. They carefully monitor each child’s development during the class and work together with parents.
    Ian's Mom
    Student's Parent
  • We are so proud that Tristan has developed a well balanced in his social and communication skills at Kiddo Zone. He’s so happy to go to school every Tuesday/ Thursday classes.
    Tristan Tsoi and his family
    Student's parent
  • Ever since Gloria joined Kiddo Zone, she has became more independent. The class was fun and creative. She absolutely adores Ms. Yumana not only experienced in teaching but also pays close attention to kids. Kiddo Zone is a wonderful place for kids to have lots of fun and love!
    Gloria's Mom
    Student's parent
  • 感謝老師及職員對智峰關懷, 照顧及教導, 兒子未來之前害怕陌生人, 對人不可不理不睬。但老師循循善誘地教導, 現在他在學習上變得主動, 學習顯得有興趣還喜愛來這裡學習。
    Winson's Mom
    Student's parent
  • Interesting and Entertaining!! Very good teachers who are patient and enthusiastic! A great place for young kids to learn and develop their skills!!
    Maia's Mom
    Student's parent

Core Programmes

  • 0.5 ~ 3 y/o Prenursery
  • $
    / hour
  • Discount upon signing up more classes. Click on the button below for more detail.
  • 2.5 ~ 6+ y/o Group
  • $
    / hour
  • Discount upon signing up any combo of 2 programmes. Click on the button below for detail.
  • 1-On-1 Private Classes
  • $
    / hour
  • Private session tailored just for your child’s development. Group Private Classes starting at $625.
Phone: +852 2870 3373
Email: hkkiddozone@gmail.com
9/F, unit 901, One Hysan Avenue,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
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